Terapist Animal Hospital

We're be glad to present veterinary specialist services as 24-hour open animal hospital in Istanbul.

The Terapist Specialists are dedicated to providing compassionate and collaborative care to animals and to leading the advancement of veterinary medicine through innovative clinical research and education.

About Us

Terapist Animal Founders are trained specialists are leaders in their fields. We seek to improve the lives of pets and their families through treatment, education, and the study of naturally occurring diseases to ensure the well-being of animals and humans. We treat all in our community and all who walk through our doors with the dignity they deserve. Through dedication and teamwork, we provide the highest level of care and service to companion animals.








Dr. Ozan MUTLU, DVM, MSc                                    Dr. İsmail ÖZKAPTAN, DVM, MSc                     Dr. Hadi ALİHOSSEİNİ, DVM, DVSc

 Veterinarian & Surgeon                                        Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine                       Board Certified Specialist

    Assistant Surgeon in                                                                 & Dermatology                                       in Small Animal Internal Medicine

   Animal Teaching Hospital                                                                                                                                         & Cardiology

  of KIRIKKALE University,

  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.



         DVM. Gizem HARA                                                         DVM. Yağız OZAN GÜR

              Veterinarian                                                                            Veterinarian

            Exotic Animals                                                                        Emergency Service





Specialities and Services

Prevention Medicine

All vaccination and anti parasite medications done according to Geographical position of Istanbul/Turkey.  Thus, anti-flea medication (spot-on external Antiparasitics) applied monthly. Antiworms medication (Tablet, Spot-on or injectables agents) applied every two months.

Antiviral vaccinations (polyvalent core vaccines and Rabies) applied according to World Small Animal Veterinary Association Annular program/2018 (WSAVA vaccination guidelines).   

Pets receive inpatient and outpatient care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Terapist Animal Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services and treatments including, but not limited to:


  • Veterinary Emergency and Critical care (24 hour open)

  • Internal Medicine

  • Veterinary Cardiology

  • Veterinary Dermatology

  • Veterinary Surgery & Orthopaedy Service

  • Veterinary Anesthesia and Reanimation Team

  • Veterinary Ophthalmology

  • Veterinary Neurology & NEurosurgery

  • Veterinary Ear, Nose & throat (ENT

  • Veterinary Dentistry

  • Veterinary Oncology & Cancer management 

  • Pain management

  • Diagnostic imaging

  • Veterinary Laboratory Services

Your pet is our priority. 

Our trained specialists are leaders in their fields. 

We promote dignity & compassion at every stage of life. 

Our passion is getting pets back to being pets.

Appointments & 24 hour Emergency Service

Tel (Gsm)

(+90) 212 - 351 6045

(+90) 532 708 5438


Etiler, Alkent Sitesi Çarşısı, 34337, İstanbul - TURKEY

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